[21.02.2024] Maintenance of servers

Moonlight Blade (EN) 20.02.2024, 16:30:00

Dear Warriors,

To enhance stability and the overall quality of the gaming experience, we plan to temporarily shut down the game servers on Tuesday, 02/21/2024, for maintenance. Throughout this maintenance period, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable.

Choose your school in Moolight Blade

Moonlight Blade (EN) 15.02.2024, 15:00:00

Dear Warriors!

Begin your journey in the world of Moonlight Blade by choosing a school that fits your gameplay needs and preferences!

"Love Is..." - a Valentine's Day special contest for all warriors

Moonlight Blade (EN) 14.02.2024, 12:00:00

Dear Warriors!

🌷Take part in a Valentine's Day contest!🌷

[14.02.2024] Promotions and Bonuses of 02/14/2024

Moonlight Blade (EN) 14.02.2024, 11:00:00

Dear Warriors!

We want to share exciting news and tell you about upcoming events and innovations awaiting you in the world of Moonlight Blade. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Moonlight Blade (EN) 14.02.2024, 10:00:00

Dear Warriors!

🌷We wish you a happy Valentine's Day and hope to see you back soon for the special events and rewards!🌷