Leader in the computer and mobile gaming industry. Constantly improving company, with consistently high quality standards.
About Us

INFIPLAY is not just a company, it’s a Team. Team, that consists of strong and ambitious people. Team, where everyone has incredible, rich PC gaming experience.  Team, united by passion and will to provide our friends – our players, with great and fun games to play. Established in 2013, we became a noticeable player on the Russian online gaming market. Over 3000000 people chose us, spending thousands of hours in more than 15 titles we provide. We are going to proceed on our way, keep improving all the processes and achieve even higher standards of gaming experience and quality which our players deserve.


Our Vision:

INFIPLAY is a Global Digital Entertainment Leader. Continuous self-perfecting company in free to play gaming, with invariably high quality standards of games and services it presents.


Our Mission:

Unite people across countries and nations, bringing happiness, fun and enjoyment to the world.

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