[11.04.2024] Promotions and Bonuses of 04/11/2024

Moonlight Blade (EN) 11.04.2024, 10:19:04

Dear Warriors!

We want to share exciting news and tell you about upcoming events and innovations awaiting you in the world of Moonlight Blade. 🌙

[11.04.2024] Maintenance of servers

Moonlight Blade (EN) 11.04.2024, 03:21:41

Dear Warriors,

To enhance stability and the overall quality of the gaming experience, we plan to temporarily shut down the game servers on Thursday, 04/11/2024, for maintenance. Throughout this maintenance period, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable.

Story character overview: Liu Feng (Part 1)

Moonlight Blade (EN) 10.04.2024, 12:00:36

Dear Warriors!

Delicate willow standing in the wind, graceful and charming. Meet Liu Feng!

Story character overview: Zhao Wan (Part 2)

Moonlight Blade (EN) 08.04.2024, 14:10:01

Dear Warriors!

Learn more about Zhao Wan's personality and hobbies...

Story character overview: Zhao Wan (Part 1)

Moonlight Blade (EN) 06.04.2024, 12:00:00

Dear Warriors!

It's time to meet Zhao Wan, a gentle but determined princess...