News: Perfect World Mobile: Gods War

[07.01.2024] Maintenance of servers

Perfect World Mobile: Gods War 07.01.2024, 20:36:15

Dear Warriors,

To enhance stability and the overall quality of the gaming experience, we plan to temporarily shut down the game servers on Friday, 01/0/2024, for maintenance. Throughout this maintenance period, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable.

Global update "Confrontation"

Perfect World Mobile: Gods War 15.05.2022, 22:12:38

Residents of an Perfect World!

We are glad to present to your attention the long-awaited global update of the Russian version of "Perfect World Mobile".

[2022/05/14] With news from the future (Part 3) — New equipment items

Perfect World Mobile: Gods War 14.05.2022, 23:06:06

Inhabitants of an Perfect World!

It's time for the third part of the announcement of the upcoming global update.

[30.11.2021] Доступна загрузка обновления — «Война миров»

Perfect World Mobile: Gods War 30.11.2021, 13:37:00

Уважаемые игроки!

Информируем вас о том, что загрузка глобального обновления «Война миров» уже доступна в магазинах платформ AppStore и Play Market.