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Reports about technical issues and game errors

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Dear players, our testing team is constantly perfecting the game, but you can also help by reporting any errors or technical problems in case of detection.

In this topic, you can report any technical problems or bug in the game using the following template:

1. Your nickname and server;
2. Issue's date and time;
3. Full and detailed description of issue happened;
4. Screenshots.

Please note that only messages related to technical problems and errors are allowed here. Messages that do not correspond to the topic will be considered as flood and deleted.

All sent requests will be considered and sent to our technical department for verification in order to resolve them as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding!
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Kert #9791
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1. S1. Reside
2. 12/17 2.00 am
3. Upgraded def gem to level 8 and lost stats, Gem dont have stats.
4. .