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Relic is a character upgrade feature based on your daily activity in the game. The more tasks you complete everyday, the more points for relic upgrade will be yours. Also, there is even special rewards for diligent players.

Let’s look at this feature and rewards more detailed.

Click icon “Relic” in the bottom panel to learn and use the current feature. Then you’ll see the following window:
There are you can find several elements: current relic, tasks list, points rewards and upgrade progress.

Initially, you have zero level & range with relic “Excalibur”. Each completed task in the window’s right side will give you points to upgrade the relic’s level. Daily maximum is 200.

Pay attention that some tasks could be completed several times (for example, daily quests could be completed 20 times). If you forget complete several tasks, you can restore points for gold by clicking the button “EXP recover”.

When you have enough points to upgrade the relic level, click the button “Upgrade” to do it. New level brings you some new parameters. Each 10 levels will upgrade your range and give a new relic appearance.

But that’s not all! 50, 100, 150 and 200 accumulated points per day will bring you special rewards: Challenge Keys and Creation Tokens.
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