Testing projects that are in release, as well as new projects that are being prepared for publication.


  1. Proficiency in English or ability to use Google Translate
  2. Understanding the gameplay. Ability to identify bugs.
  3. Working time (~6-8 hours a day)
  4. The presence of a modern smartphone and a PC on which any of the Android emulators works stable
  5. Responsibility, communication
  6. Pedantry, scrupulousness
  7. Stress resistance, perseverance, the ability to complete what has been started
  8. The ability to structure text according to meaning
  9. Teamwork skills


  1. Pre-release testing of games and updates
  2. Posting problems in chats and documents, depending on the task.
  3. Testing content for a specific task from the manager
  4. Participation in testing new potential projects


  • Employment: Remote work
  • Schedule: irregular, depending on the amount of work on current projects
  • Salary: based on interview results (depending on experience and skills)

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