Game Rules

These rules apply to all users who have installed the "Moonlight Blade" application and do not exempt them from the responsibilities outlined in the user agreement, supplementing its provisions.

Violation of the rules listed below will result in sanctions, including a permanent chat, account, and/or device block, as well as the accounts of players involved in the violation of these rules.

Issues regarding blocks are resolved exclusively through customer support at Each request is considered individually.


1.1. Exchange, sale, purchase, gifting of in-game items for real-world valuables, services, obligations, as well as attempts or intentions to carry out these actions.

Note for 1.1:

In case the administration establishes the fact or attempt (posting a message about the exchange, sale, purchase, gifting of in-game items for real-world valuables, services, obligations) of selling, buying, gifting, or exchanging a game character, regardless of the party (seller/giver on one side, buyer/recipient on the other) involved in this transaction, the account will be deleted, and a permanent block will be imposed on the device. Transferring the device or unauthorized access to the device by third parties, for any actions, does not prove innocence regarding the publication of advertisements for buying/selling. The owner of the device bears full responsibility for actions performed on the device. In the event of the administration making a decision in favor of the user in such a case, upon discovering repeated violations by the user, under the circumstances specified in 1.1, it is considered as deceiving the project administration to gain a gaming advantage and/or other benefits, leading to a permanent block of the gaming account and/or device.

1.2. Transfer of registration data for temporary or permanent use of the account/character, account sharing with another user and/or third parties.

Note for 1.2:

In the case of transferring or unauthorized access by third parties to a player's registration data, lost in-game items, advantages, or progress are not subject to restoration.

1.3. Exploiting in-game mechanics or related software errors. Dissemination of information about errors, promotion of their use.

1.4. Use of portraits containing incitement to violence, propaganda of nationalism, fascism, and other forms of insult to human dignity based on religious, gender, and other characteristics. It is unacceptable to use symbols and images prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation as a portrait, as well as images of pornographic and/or erotic nature.

1.5. Refund of funds through the application store to gain advantages.

Note for 1.5:

From the moment in-game assets are credited to the account, the payment service is considered rendered in full, regardless of whether they have been used or not. Refunding funds is a violation of this rule.

If, as a result of a purchase, in-game assets were not received in full, i.e., their quantity, content, or price differs from the initially declared, it is necessary to promptly inform customer support to rectify the shortcomings. These circumstances do not mitigate, eliminate, or justify the refund of funds and lead to the blocking of the gaming account.

In this case, in-game advantages refer to game elements, items, and events that can be accessed through payments. In the event of a refund for received in-game advantages, restoration of access to the blocked gaming account is possible in exceptional cases (at the discretion of the administration) and upon full reimbursement of the refunded funds. The situation is considered on an individual basis. After restricting access to the gaming account/character, submit a request to customer support, after which you will receive recommendations for reimbursement and/or the final decision regarding your appeal.

1.6. Dissemination, use, or intentional acquisition of information enabling access to user accounts (gaming accounts) in the game, on the game's website, on game forums, on related game services, and sharing links to third-party resources containing such information. It is prohibited to log into a gaming account registered by another user if such information is obtained. Users must take appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of their accounts in the game and prevent unauthorized access by third parties to these accounts. In case of loss of control over their accounts, users must contact support for access restoration (recovery of lost in-game assets is not carried out). Conducting any advertisements, including reproducing any links to internet pages in the game without prior agreement with the project administration.

1.7. Pretending to be a member of the administrative staff, a representative, and/or having a connection with the project administration.

1.8. Deception of the project administration to gain a gaming advantage and/or other benefits. Each of the violations mentioned above (1.1-1.8) is considered by the project administration on an individual basis, and the decision made by the administration is not subject to appeal.


  • Naming rules apply to the following names:
  • Character names
  • Guild, alliance, Homelend names
  • Any types of editable names available and can be added in subsequent updates.

A character violating the naming rules will receive a warning in the form of a temporary in-game chat block with subsequent renaming. In case of refusal, a permanent block of the in-game chat, character, or account may follow.


2.1. Offensive, rude, or provocatively inciting interethnic discord names and definitions, including commonly accepted profanity, as well as homonyms of these words, profanity in any language, including transliteration and veiled forms.

2.2. Phrases with offensive meanings.

2.3. Names chosen with the intention of damaging the reputation of a player or company representative, or using these names to impersonate them.

2.4. Combinations of names that violate any of the "Naming Rules."

2.5. For all the above variants, alternative spellings or writing with typos are also unacceptable.


Communication rules apply to the following chat channels:

  • World
  • Near
  • School
  • Jianghu
  • Camp

For the violation of communication rules, the project administration reserves the right to restrict access to the account or chat for any user without warning and without providing reasons.


3.1. Use of profanity, veiled language, and/or insults, including provocative messages related to real life, family, relatives, etc.

3.2. Threats of violence and/or physical harm.

3.3. Offending morality, propaganda and/or expression of disapproval or hatred, as well as the promotion of discrimination against people based on racial, ethnic, gender, religious, social characteristics, disrespectful attitude towards culture, race, nation, people, language, politics, political system, ideology, social movement, etc.

3.4. Spreading information unrelated to the project in any form, including links to internet pages.

3.5. Spreading information about the sale, purchase, exchange, and gifting of in-game assets and/or game character and/or account for non-game funds or funds not provided on the project.

The duration of the chat, character, and/or account block depends on the severity and systematic nature of the violation and is determined at the discretion of the project administration.