Servers Merge 20/08/2020

Dear players!
Tomorrow, August 20th, since 08:00 to 10:00 (CET) Jade Goddess will have a servers merge in order to activity optimization and providing only best gaming experience for players. During the servers merge operation game enter is unavailable, so please logout in advance. We're apologize for inconveniences caused.

These servers will be merged:

Area 1: EU-1: Nelu-EU-2: Red Daoist-EU-3: Wukung + EU-4: Yannis-EU-5: Rekon-EU-6: Wushan Fairy.

Please look the servers merge rules:

✓ Merged servers area is one server for cross-server activities
✓ All players from merged servers get compensation for game temporary unavailability
✓ There are no any login changes after merge operation and your additional characters will be saved
✓ PVP-activities progress will reset and then you'll need to prove your power again
✓ Players under 60 level & not a VIP & haven't been logged game within last 14 days will be counted as inactive if three above attributes follow, and get deleted automatically

New battles, more powerful enemies and bright competitions are waiting for all heroes!

Best regards,
Jade Goddess Team

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