New server — EU-6: Wushan Fairy

Death due to traitors' or secret enemies' arms was the main fear of the Red Emperor, so that's why he took the female name known by no one, having completed an ancient rite. After many years passed and having passed away calmly, he was reincarnated not in Nirvana, but inside a dark fairy practicing black magic. Who is know the desires of the Sorceress?

Heroes! Jade Goddess is calling to you to rush into the new server and break the Darkness — “EU-6: Wushan Fairy” has opened today! The magic world full of adventures, exciting fights and unrepeatable ambiance of Asian legends, awaits the daredevils!

Special starting activities let you rise the power in a while, obtain unique artifacts and start the bloody war for the ancient Jade Goddess. Explore many locations and break into battlefields, participate in daily events, find faithful companions and earn the glory of a distinguished hero!

Welcome to the new world!

Best Regards,
Jade Goddess Team

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