New server — EU-3: Wukung

Being born from Magic Stone, the Monkey King Sun Wukong spent too many years travelling West in searches of immortality. Having got the Fulfillment Desires Staff, he began to make miracles, ran away from the Underworld and even became the Celestial, but got imprisoned for 500 years under a Magical Mountain because of his nasty temper. When freedom has came to Wukung, he became the genuine fighter against the Demons, and seems his staff can destroy even heavens and earth.

Heroes! Jade Goddess is calling to you to rush into the new server and break the Darkness — “EU-3: Wukung” opens 20 December 10:00 (CET)! The magic world full of adventures, exciting fights and unrepeatable ambiance of Asian legends, awaits the daredevils!

Special starting activities let you rise the power in a while, obtain unique artifacts and start the bloody war for the ancient Jade Goddess. Explore many locations and break into battlefields, participate in daily events, find faithful companions and earn the glory of a distinguished hero!

Welcome to the new world!

Best Regards,
Jade Goddess Team

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