Jade Goddess is calling heroes to fight the Darkness!

Step into the magic world of the Asian myths and fight for the Jade Goddess!

Tomorrow, December 10th, the first server of the new Jade Goddess MMORPG will be opened — meet EU-1: Nelu! An amazing and colorful world full of mysteries, adventures and fights, is looking forward to brave heroes, victorious warlords and desperate conquerors!

Once upon a time, the Jade Goddess has been generously poured prosperity onto the world, but a sanguinary war put an end to her existence. Will you able to revive the ancient deity?

Jade Goddess is a singularly beautiful fantasy MMORPG with topflight 3D graphics combining most extraordinary genre elements. An alluring story based on Asian mythology will amaze not only novice players, but also the experienced gamers by hundreds of characters, tens of meticulously drawed maps, thousands of exciting quests and compelling hot events. Polish your weapon and be ready!

Four character archetypes available: warrior, hunter, furia and amazon;
 Rich skills and talents system makes thousands combos!
 Character upgrade systems galore — from equipment upgrade to crafting, manuscripts, inspiration, astral power and many others;
 Just try to feel game dynamicswith uninterrupted monsters killing;
 Too many game features are awaiting! Horses, wings, artifacts, super-equipment and more will excite you;
 Too many PvP and PvE events will let you become killer or savior!
 Call the powerful ally with Avatars system! Summon and upgrade him to get magnificent spells.

See you in the game!

Best Regards,
Jade Goddess Team

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