Factions of Jianghu

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📜We've previously discussed the sects with you, but today, we'll delve into the specifics of each one.

Every sect features two distinct development systems.

🔷Huashan Sect

1) Qi Faction

The standout feature of this faction is that disciples can enter a special state, granting them immunity to control and boosting their damage.

2) Sword Faction

Disciples possess extremely high mobility. Through techniques, they enhance their skills and deal explosive damage over a short period.

🔷Sun-Moon Sect

1) Oblivion

Disciples follow a strict rule: "The less health, the more damage." They also specialize in dealing a large amount of damage over a short period.

2) Revelation

Disciples of this faction study techniques to reduce damage.

🔷Five Immortals Sect

1) Bugspirit

The essence of the techniques is that disciples poison their opponents and boost their own strength.

2) Hex Butterfly

Techniques are focused on healing and increasing the defense of allies.

🔷Hengshan Sect

1) Bodhi

Disciples have healing abilities and are invaluable assistants in difficult situations.

2) Flora

The specialty of disciples is applying control skills at long distance, helping them win battles.

🔷Tranquility Sect

1) Vajra

Disciples enhance their survivability and defense to the maximum, serving as the tank in the team and becoming an indispensable team member.

2) Dharma

Techniques focus on prolonged control, gradually wearing down the opponent.

🔷Wudang Sect

1) True Martial

Techniques focus on controlling and damaging opponents in close combat and distance fighting.

2) Tai Chi

Disciples learn to gradually accumulate power during battles, using anti-control techniques, which can fundamentally change the course of the fighting.

❗It's worth noting that each development system is upgraded separately, and the hero's power may decrease when switching.

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