Mansions in Wandering Swordius

Dear Wanderers!

🏠Today, we will talk about how you can get your own mansion! To acquire a mansion, you must complete the corresponding task.

Once obtained, you can upgrade the mansion up to level 10. At each level, certain tasks become available. The mansion is divided into three areas: Interior, Exterior, and Farm. Items from one area cannot be placed in other areas.

📜On the farm, you can engage in farming activities: grow plants, take care of animals, catch fish, cook, and sell the items you obtain.

By completing tasks and managing the farm, you earn Home Coins, which can be spent in the corresponding section of the store. You can also invite friends to your mansion to spend time together and ask for their help with farming!

Enter the game and create the mansion of your dreams Wandering Swordius!

Best regards,

WS Team⚔

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