Story character overview: Tang Feng (Part 3)

Dear Warriors!

The history of The Heavenly Pinnacle is rich and complex. Take a journey through time and get acquainted with Tang Feng's guild!

⚔The Heavenly Pinnacle HQ: Dongyue

🌿Branches: Bashu, Bashu, Yunnan

📜When The old Azure Dragon collapsed the first decade of the martial world after that belonged to the Four Leagues.

Bai Sheng founded Hanjiang City.

Shangguan Jinhong founded Imperial State.

Zi Shou founded the Water Dragons.

Yang Yanyu founded Endless Desert.

🔷The second decade of the martial world belonged to the young leaders.

Bai Sheng disappeared, and Qu Yi took over Hanjiang City.

Jin Hong died in a battle against Flying Knife Li, and Ye Zhi married Guan Xiao, taking charge of the Emperor's State.

Zi Shou returned to the Flutist Island, leaving the Water Dragons to Tang Feng, who was not yet eighteen years old.

Yang Yanyu rejected the love of the imperial princess Zhao Fang and left for the frontier, leaving the Endless Desert to Li Tang.

🔷The third decade of the martial arts world is originated from the second day of February that year.

When Sword God Dugu Feiyun passed away,Tang Feng summoned the Eight Wastelands to pay tribute on the day of the dragon raising it’s head.

On the same day, the Crown Prince, Shen Guhong, arranged a meeting with the underworld leaders across the world to hold the rebuilding ceremony of the Azure Dragon in Kaifeng.

The two events clashed on the same day, but neither could be postponed.

The heroes of the world could only choose one to join.

🔷Qu Yi went to Swordsmen and made an alliances with Tang Feng.

Ye Zhi had ambitions beyond the horizon and engaged in a game of wits with Shen Guhong, agreeing to form an alliance with three rules.

Li Tang decided to stay neutral and led Endless Desert and others retreat back to Yanyun to protect the people on the frontier.

Thus, the world was divided into two.

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