Wandering Swordius Global Release information

Dear Wanderers!

We are happy to announce that the global version of Wandering Swordius will be released on Thursday, May 16th 2024!

You will be able to download the game on mobile devices via Google Play and App Store starting from:

•  05:00 (UTC -4)
•  10:00 (UTC +1)
•  17:00 (UTC+8)

Servers go live at:
•  08:00 (UTC -4)
•  13:00 (UTC +1)
•  20:00 (UTC+8)

(Timing may change in the future)

We are very excited for you to finally enter the world of Wandering Swordius. Join us on this adventure and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Hope to see you soon!🎉

Best regards,
WS Team⚔

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