Story character overview: Liu Feng (Part 2)

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Learn more about Liu Feng, a graceful fairy.

🔷Career: One of the Second 7 Plums of the Valley, owner of Wen's Manor

🔷Father: Liu Long (Deceased)

🔷Mother: Wen Wen (Deceased)

🔷Friends: Bai Zhou, Un Yang, Lin Shuang

🔷Favorite Thing: Golden Banana Date Cake

Delicate willow standing in the wind, graceful and charming.

📜Liu Feng is a disciple of the Fairies Valley, one of the "Seven Plums" of the second generation, and the owner of Wen’s Manor.

Her parents were a gentle and refined couple, Wen Wen and Liu Long, who once wielded swords in their youth but were later slain by bandits in the Qilian Mountains. Liu Feng was taken in by Fairies, where she learned medicine and martial arts, nurturing a spirit of heroism in the ethereal realm of Fairies Valley.

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