Story character overview: Liu Feng (Part 1)

Dear Warriors!

πŸ”·Name: Liu Feng

πŸ”·Camp: Fairy

πŸ”·Weapon: Umbrella

πŸ”·Constellation: Purple Star

πŸ”·Temperament: Energetic, optimistic, and deeply loyal

πŸ”·Hobby: Sparring, playing the qin and singing. Loves cute things

πŸ“œSome people live up to their names, being consistent inside and out. While some people have quite a daring spirit under a gentle demeanor. Lian Liu Feng is one of those people. Named after the "wind-rustled willow", she carries herself with determination. She won the Eight Wastelands Joust and inherited her parents' legacy, the "Dual Swords". She has steadily been rising to prominence in Jianghu world since then.

Although Liu Feng has a gentle name, her temperament is straightforward and sincere, acting swiftly and decisively, and she harbors deep enmity towards evil...

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