Story character overview: Zhao Wan (Part 2)

Dear Warriors!

Learn more about Zhao Wan's personality and hobbies!

🔷Constellation: Ruinous Star

🔷Temperament: gentle on the outside but strong on the inside, understanding and considerate, tender and caring, calm, has a heroic and dignified demeanor.

🔷Hobby: She cherishes friends and delicious food. Good with horses. Enjoys sceneries of mountains and rivers.

🔷Favorite Thing: liqueur Snow Lotus Pastry

📜Despite her physical weakness as a child, her father, the Emperor, went all out to support her to learn martial arts and swordsmanship from the legends.

Though as a girl, she was nurtured by the great scholars with her older brother, encompassing both literary and military strategies.

With such a deep kindness, only by makinggreat contributions can she ask her family and country to let her fulfill her dream of Jianghu and limitless freedom.

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