Story character overview: Zhao Wan (Part 1)

Dear Warriors!

It's time to meet Zhao Wan, a gentle but determined princess...

🔷Name: Zhao Wan

🔷Camp: Song

🔷Career: Princess of the Great Song Dynasty, Ye Kai's official disciple

🔷Head Master: Ye Kai

📜Princess Zhao Wan of the Song Empire is Ye Kai's unofficial disciple. Although she comes from a noble background, she never lets herself be arrogant to others. She tries to hide her identity in Jianghu and usually calls herself a disciple of the Eight Wastelands.

Jianghu and the imperial court seem to be separated by thousands of miles and next to each other at the same time; when one is affected, the other seems to follow the suit. Maintaining the balance between the 2 has always been one of Zhao Wan's most important pursuits...

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