Beggar - one of the schools in Moonlight Blade

Hearts of gold possess the biggest power.

The Beggar school is the largest sect in the world. They live life unrestrained, unbounded by the rules of cities. They never wield swords, and simply brawls with their fists, triumphing over even the sharp edges of a sword.

Current Master: Jiang Kuang

The earliest origin of the beggar gang can be traced back to the end of the Tang Dynasty. In Huang Chao uprising, General Jin was dissatisfied with the tyranny and brutality of warriors killing the ordinary people. He gathered like-minded generals from Huang Chao's army and strangers who whished to learn martial arts. Most people in his army had no clothes, no food and were actually beggars. General Jin was cheerful and righteous, and his people were just as eager to help the weak and defenseless, because they used to be like that themselves. Later his sect was called the Beggars, and they were also called the golden beggars for their heart of gold. This sect is one of the oldest sects at the moment, and its followers can be found in the farthest corners of the martial arts world.

Skills: Beggar skills are divided into two categories, [force] system main attack single damage, [skill] system is good at group damage. Continuously use force system or skill system skills, can make them gradually increase in power. When the "force" or "skill" bar is full, beggar's next skill effect will be greatly enhanced.

Beggars prefer close combat, a variety of multi-stage combat skills make them have a very strong control ability.

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