Enchanter - one of the schools in Moonlight Blade

Shadows are hiding behind the exquisite fans.

Enchanter is a century-old family, and their skills in Projectile Weapons and mechanisms triumph over all other factions. As they are proficient in combining the techniques of mechanisms and puppetries, the people of Jianghu refers to them as the "Half Human Half Shadow". A true expert of Enchanter would never use poison.

Current master: Tang Taiyue

The Tang family is known for their long history. During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Tang Ying, the young master of the Enchanter school, traveled to the south of the Long River and became a scholar of the Southern Dynasty, famous all over the world for its literature and martial arts. Later, he even befriended Li Yu, the later lord of the Southern Dynasty. After the Southern Dynasty was destroyed by the Song Dynasty, Tang Ying sneaked into Kaifeng and secretly shot and killed the Emperror with the secret technic and then quietly disappeared without a trace. Since then, the Tang Clan has been famous in the martial arts world. It's concealed weapons, formations and poison techniques are all unique. But the clan had to stop using poisons because of accusations of poisoning the river.

Skills: The Enchanter school puppet technique requires the use of Contraption, which can only be recovered through time. The proper use of the Contraption will enable the Enchanter school to maintain mobility and power in battle.

Half-human, half-shadow. A long-range class. Dealing damage personally and manipulating puppets to launch attacks at the same time is very difficult to operate, but the dynamic body style and strange puppet techniques can make Enchanter school comfortable in dealing with any situation.

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