Guardian - one of the playable schools in Moonlight Blade

Warriors with majestic aura.

Guardians originated from a Military School. As such, no matter if its their temperament or martial arts, it carries some uniqueness of the military. Guardians focuses on practical battles, as they are stoic, overbearing, and relentless.

Current master: Han Xuexin

In 954, Han Tong, the deputy commander of the Imperial Dynasty, founded the "The Battalion of Guardians" to faithfully guard the safety of the imperial family. Han Wei, son of Han Tong, had persuaded his father several times to remove Zhao Kuangyin, an important minister of the Later Zhou, but Han Tong appreciated Zhao Kuangyin's talent and temperament and did not kill him. Later Han Tong's whole family was killed by Wang Yansheng, and only one young son, Han Shouqiong, escaped with the help of the soldiers of the Guardians. Fourteen years later, Wang Yansheng was ordered to return to the capital, and when he passed through Qianzhou, he was assassinated by Han Shouqiong with one of the Guardians technic. When the Emperor learned of this, he sighed: “Violence always begets violence. That death was heaven's will.” Secretly instructed not to pursue, the matter was closed. Han Shouqiong stayed in Guardians camp in Yanyun with his father's old troops hard training martial arts.

Skills: Guardian of warriors is restored over time in battle and is increased when skills are hit. [Fury Spear] technique consumes overpowering energy and causes different additional strikes depending on the previous skill cast. And the core skills of the sect is [Backwater strike] which can block all the damage.

The long spear possesses the dragon’s Guardian. Brave warriors use long bows at long distances and use fierce spears to break the enemy's attack when engaging at close range.

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