[17.07.2023] Bonuses of CBT

Dear Warriors!

Very soon, we will launch a new testing stage of our amazing project, “Moonlight Blade Mobile”.

All participants of the CBT-test, during the next stage of testing (OBT test) and after the release of the game will receive unique gifts on their character, in the English version of Moonlight Blade Mobile.

🎁Gift composition🎁 :

  • Fashion “Frostfeathers”;
  • Flower of Adoration x2;
  • Hero Recruitment Order x5;
  • Binded Voucher 600;
  • Silver x1M

Payment transactions will be available in the Moonlight Blade Mobile world during the closed beta testing. Information about your payments will be saved and transferred to the open testing, during which you will receive an additional bonus for payments made.

😋Conditions of the cashback promotion for CBT🧐:

1. Promotion participants: all CBT testers. Payments of several characters from one account are summarized.

2. Promotion rules:
a) All participants of the closed testing who made payments will receive the corresponding cashback during the open testing:
- Golden vouchers in the amount of 100% of payments with no limit.
- Bound vouchers in proportion to the amount of payments, but not more than 15,000.
For example:
- A level 55 player made payments totaling $280 during a test on different servers. Then they receives 20,000 golden vouchers and 10,000 bound vouchers during the open test.
- A level 55 player has made payments totaling $700 during the test on different servers - during the open testing 50,000 golden vouchers and 15,000 bound vouchers are cashbacked.
b) Payments of characters from one account (even if they are on different servers) are summarized.
c) You can't get cashback for gifts received during the test.
d) Cashback will only be returned to the account and platform from which you logged into the game during the closed beta test:
- If you logged in via Google, you will only be able to get the cashback on the same Google email account, you will not be able to get it on an account of any other authorization method.
- If you log in via Facebook, you can only get the cashback on the same Facebook account - you can't get it on an account with a different authorization method.
- If you use an iOS device and an Apple account to log in to the game, you will be able to get the cashback by logging in using the same Apple account you used during the test.
e) Cashback vouchers are not considered in the Open Testing payment events. Vouchers received as cashback for participation in the CBT test do not count towards "Gift behind Recharge" of open testing and release. Only payments made directly at the time of the game's OBT testing and/or release will count as gifts.


3.1. To save your cashback and correctly transfer it from closed testing to another stage of testing and game release, make sure that you have created an account using one of the available authorization methods: App Store, Google, or Facebook.

3.2. Dear Warriors, once the CBT-test is over, all players data will be completely removed!

3.3. During the closed testing, on Android devices testers will be able to top-up the game account (not available for iOS devices).

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