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Dear Wanderers!
We want to share some great news about the upcoming events and promotions that await you at Wandering Swordius.

  • Exclusive Events
  • Resolving technical issue

Thank you for your journey through the vastness of Wandering Swordius! Join us and show your excellence in martial arts with us!

Best regards,
WS Team⚔️
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Active events

1. Visit Season

Event time: 23.05.24 - 29.05.2024
Event rules:
  • 1. During the event, you will have a chance to obtain extra rare hero Feng Qingyang Part from Hero Visit.
  • 2. Rare Hero Feng Qingyang Part can be obtainable only during the event time.
  • 3. This is the 1st visit season.

2.Jianghu Crit

Event time: 24.05.24 - 26.05.2024
Event rules:
  • From 05:00 on May 24th to 05:00 on May 26th, output of Jianghu Token will double. As long as you participate in Jianghu Token Feature, you can directly obtain extra Jianghu Tokens.
  • When the event started, 2 Jiang hu Packs will be added into Exchange - Jianghu. You are welcome home to buy.
  • When the event ends, output of Jianghu Token will return to normal, and you will not receive extra Jianghu Tokens even if you participate in Jianghu Feature.

    3. Spending Gift

Event time: 5.28 0:00 - 5.30 23:59
Event rules: Consume Gold or Bound Gold

Total Spending 300: Square Knot x20, Safron x2
Total Spending 1000: Patchwork Knot x10, Caterpillar Fungus x2
Total Spending 5000: Basic Engrave Jade x80, Engrave Marrow x35
Total Spending 10000: Basic Dew Pellet x150, Cultivation Pill x60
Total Spending 25000: Preeminent Hero Random Pack x1, Lv.4 Jade Pack x1, Patchwork Knot x10
Total Spending 50000: Hero Choice: Linghu x1, Fire Iron x60, Lv.5 Jade Pack x1

4. Evening Gift

Event time: 5.28 0:00 - 6.3 23:59
Event rules: 
  • 1. Every day from 19:00 to 22:00 during event, you will get a lucky draw attempt for every 5 minutes!
  • 2. As long as you stay online during thee event, you can get rewards!
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