Story character overview: Tang Tuan (Part 1)

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Dear Warriors!

It's finally the time to meet Tang Tuan - an elegant enchanter veiled in mystery!

Camp: Enchanter
Career: The "Qing" Generation of the Enchanters
Parents: Unknown

Flowers bloom early on the street, folding fan embraces the green mountains.
Self-proclaimed descendant of the Tang family, gliding gracefully like the Sichuan's breeze.
Leaning on branches, laughing at Jianghu, the horizon is as far as the stretching waves.
Drift without knowing the destination, simply living leisurely day by day.

No one knows where Tang Tuan comes from, where he goes, what he thinks, or what he plans. He acts mysteriously, but leaves traces of his elegance everywhere he goes.

Best regards,Moonlight Blade Team
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