[31.03.2024] Promotions and Bonuses of 03/31/2024

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Dear Warriors!
We want to share exciting news and tell you about upcoming events and innovations awaiting you in the world of Moonlight Blade. 🚀

✨ New Promotions
🛍️ Updated Shop
🎁 Exclusive Events
⚙️ Resolving technical issues

Thank you for your passionate participation in Moonlight Blade! 🌟 Join us on this thrilling journey, and let's create a legend together!

With love and adventures,
Moonlight Blade Team 🌙✨
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The servers in the European region will enter daylight saving time after the version update. Players, please pay attention to the start time of the events.

New events
1. Special Offer

New fashion “Glowing Light - Persimmon” on limited-time sale for 2680 vouchers (original price: 2880 vouchers). After unlocking the fashion, you will receive an additional fashion gift with a chance to obtain a large number of vouchers (up to a 2680).

2. Heaven’s Top-up

“Heaven’s Top-up” event starts on March 31, 2024, at 0:00. Top up to the specified cumulative progress to receive additional rewards in the Bonus - Sale - Heaven's Gift. (The cumulative progress rules are consistent with the Top-up - Gift tab.)

Read more about [Heaven’s Top-up]
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Active events
1. Unseen Treasure Event

In the event, you can not only receive special rewards from various regions through treasure hunting but also obtain Treasure Exchange Vouchers. These can be exchanged for exclusive items like the new costumes Living Light: Neya, Mark of Horizons V, and the Exquisite Furnace.

After completing a specific number of treasure hunting rounds, you can also receive the all-new and beautiful on-the-go special effect Spirit Melody: Dream Girl. Don't miss out if you like it! The event will officially launch on March 4th, so please stay tuned!

Read more: [Unseen Treasure]

⚠️ IMPORTANT! ⚠️ March 4th to March 31th

2. Weaver's Shop Exchange

The first phase of "Universal Animas" in the Weaver's Shop Exchange will begin after the maintenance on February 6, 2024. Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding the end date.

Read more about [Weaver's Shop Exchange]

⚠️ IMPORTANT! ⚠️ The first phase will begin after the maintenance on February 6, 2024.

3. War Pass: S2

The brand new season of the World War Pass is about to begin!
Increasing the level of the World War Pass will grant you massive rewards! Enjoy great rebates and receive an exclusive outfit, the [Cloudborne Hall of Three Treasures], as a gift!

⚠️ IMPORTANT! ⚠️ This War Pass will last for four months

4. Event "Lucky Draw"

The “Lucky Draw” event will be available for a limited time from March 14th to April 12th! Complete any task in the task pool to earn Dragon Coins, which can be exchanged for rare rewards such as Mark of Horizons IV. Forging Element I, and Hero Recruit Order brought by Xuan Shu.

Complete any three tasks daily to earn a chance to draw a number. If any of the numbers you currently own matches the as Today's Swordsmaster Number of the day, you'll receive a massive amount of bound vouchers!

Read more: [Lucky Draw]

⚠️ IMPORTANT! ⚠️ March 14th to April 12th