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Dear Warriors!
The strength hidden behind the mask of fragility.

Fairies inhabit the deep valleys of Sea of Flowers in Dongyue, and they use medicine in martial arts, and combines medical arts with martial arts to create a unique martial art. Fairy is the only school amongst the Eight Factions which recruits only female disciples. Amidst the gorgeousness and elegance, they can only be admired and not to be sullied.
Current master: Liang Zhiyin

Before Hua Tuo was executed, he wrote his life's work in a volume called "The Book of Medicine". Hundreds of years later, a young man, Sang Chai Zi, accidentally obtained this book and practiced medicine. Later, Liang Zhiyin and Sang Chai-zi called each other sister and brother. Sang Chai-zi studied the key points of the book, while Liang Zhiyin had an amazing talent in martial arts. The two of them united medicine and martial arts and created their own martial art. Later, Liang Zhiyin happened to enter a secret valley in East Lands and saw that the valley was full of flowers and embroidery, so she lived here in seclusion and named the valley "Heavenly Fairy Valley". Soon after, due to the rebellion of Tianfengliu, Liang Zhiyin saved the fisherman's daughter Gu Wanjing, and began to teach orphan girls as disciples in order to fulfill her wish of "women protecting themselves". Since then, the name of Fairy school has been established.

Skills: Fairy school disciples strike with precise sword lunges at close range and deal group damage with graceful umbrellas at long range. They are also strong healers.
Their perfect combination of close and long-range attacks, as well as their healing abilities, make them ideal teammates.

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