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Looking down at Fatty He, Tianci suddenly felt that Fatty He was so short at this time, and it seemed that he was not so fat. "Well, but this fusion object must belong to the dark or death monster you control. Where can you find the fusion unit?" With these words, Tianci cut another sword at Huangfufeng. At this time, 30% of the blood figures also slowly floated up from the top of Huangfufeng's head, and people's expressions could not help but become serious. "Well.." Fatty He just remembered the restriction of the ghost's leg protector. He frowned slightly and thought about it. Then he looked up and said to Tianci, "If I remember correctly, there is no professional requirement for the use of bone sacrifice gloves, right?"? Just borrow it together then. "Well.." Tianci really didn't think of this. He was a little depressed. Then he nodded to Fatty He and replied, "Well, when I kill Huangfufeng, I'll lend you a set of equipment to play with." With that, Tianci stopped talking and began to attack Huangfu Feng seriously. Listening to the dialogue between Tianci and Fatty He, God Emperor, Burial Love and others also looked at each other and smiled in silence, "Click." -3102 "The God Emperor looked at his own damage, and then looked at the damage of Tianci, his heart was also a little uncomfortable, the difference in attack power was more than 700, you know, he was more than 100 higher than Tianci earlier.". Volume 4, Chapter 70: Limiting the Extension of the Ultimate Sacrifice Chapter 70: Limiting the Extension of the Ultimate Sacrifice "The strategist, the black feather against the sky,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, is ready." Tianci, while attacking Huangfufeng, issued an order to prepare for the battle, and the strategist and the black feather against the sky hurried forward to prepare for the release of their skills. According to the plan, the strategist will cast a spell first, with a three-second ice explosion limit, and then the black feather against the sky will use the shadow black hole to limit it. This time, due to the large number of people,wire nail machine manufacturers, the time of the shadow black hole of the black feather against the sky will be set to 11 seconds, that is, the number of evil eye curses will be set to 3 times. Tianci, and so on, if only for the boss's limited skills, we can also help. Hearing Tianci ordering the strategist and others to prepare for war, the graceful cry suddenly said to Tianci in the team channel. Ah Tianci was stunned for a moment, and then understood the meaning of elegant crying, but time did not allow Tianci to ask more, so Tianci had to hastily ask elegant crying about the time and personnel that could be limited, "Elegant crying, you can limit a few seconds, who are they?" "Well," random "hair can be limited to 2 seconds, and. Snow can be limited to 3 seconds. She cried gracefully for a moment and replied to Tianci. Oh, then the speed.. You go first! Tianci really didn't think that the elegant cry of their team would also limit the boss and other spells, or that Tianci didn't think about it in that way. When he was commanding the battle, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, he always took his own team as the benchmark. It was really some or slightly the ability of other teams. You know, the people who can come here, who don't have some weight in their hands, otherwise, He won't be here. Puff. 40% "a red" number slowly floated up, everyone's attention can not help but focus on it, 40%, they agreed on the number of blood, "Ka.." As soon as Tianci's body sank, he could not help tightening the thunder sword in his hand and preparing for the battle. Ah As soon as the skill of transforming blood was over, Huangfufeng let out a deafening roar, "Kill, I want to kill all of you.." Huang Fufeng roared loudly, his eyes were bloodshot, and he stared mercilessly at Tianci, Shenhuang and others in front of him. Puff. -1826 "The angry Huangfufeng was about to make some movements when suddenly there was a pain in his back. Huangfufeng felt that his whole body was in a moment of extreme cold, and then he lost his intuition.". At this time, behind Huangfufeng, there was a man standing. This man was the "random" hair in the elegant crying mouth. He saw the "random" hair crouching slightly, holding a water-blue "color" dagger in his hand, and the other end of the dagger was deeply "inserted" in Huangfufeng's back. Can not help but "touch" "touch" chin, buried in the eyes of love is also "show" the appreciation of the eyes, is it a crystal dagger? I really haven't paid attention to it all the time. Although the "random" hair is the people gathered by the elegant crying team, the specific weapons they use and the skills they have are not very clear about the burial love, the God Emperor and others. As for the battle, the burial love has no time to take care of others. The battle has been in a high state of tension, and there is no time to pay attention to others. It was not until now that the "random" hair made such an eye-catching move that the burial love noticed the weapon used by the "random" hair. 2 seconds.. "Luan" was so fierce that he pulled the dagger and said in a cold voice, as if he were talking to himself, as if he were reminding the people of the battle. Looking at the action of "disorderly" bending over to attack, Tianci also suddenly woke up, yes, in addition to their team, there are three teams of people and horses, limiting skills should still be retained, such resources must not be wasted, thinking, Tianci first thought of the God Emperor, let alone the rest of their team, is the God Emperor himself, he once used the holy skills. Isn't it a very good limit skill, and there is a super high amount of damage? Thinking about it, Tianci quickly asked the God Emperor: "God Emperor, what boss limit skills do you have in your team? Use them all. If you can directly limit Huangfufeng to death, wouldn't that be the best?" Tianci did not directly ask the emperor what kind of skills he had, but turned to ask him about the situation of the team, so asked, leaving a lot of room for the emperor to answer, of course, Tianci's question is also the initiative to speak to the emperor, is to give the emperor face. Of course, the God Emperor understood what Tianci was thinking. He smiled at Tianci. Then the God Emperor said, "OK,Automatic nail machine, just watch. When the water array of Murong Piaoxue is over, our team will go up. The details will be explained later. You just attack. When the time is over, I will call you again." The God Emperor said to Tianci with a smile.
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