Game Center Installation Instructions

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1. Follow the link to download the game center installation package.
2. In the window that opens, click on the blue button "Download for Windows". For the application to work correctly, you may need to install additional libraries presented below the installation buttons. Also, at the beginning of the installation process, the security system may ask you for permission to download and install. Select the "Allow" option.
3. In the opened Windows window, click the "Save" button
4. Wait for the download of the installation package to finish.
5. After the download finishes, open the installation package.
6. Select a language. which will be used during the installation process.
7. Next, select the folder where the software product will be installed. Click "next".
8. In the next window, check the box next to “Create an icon on the desktop” (optional) if you want to have a shortcut on the desktop for quick access to the game center. Click "next".
9. Click Install.
10. Wait until the download of the installation package finishes. Check the box next to “Launch INFIPLAY Game Center” (optional) if you want to start the game center immediately after the installation process is complete.
11. Click the Finish button.
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