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Recharge issue? Look here!

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Dear players! If you paid for gold, but it didn't came within 2 hours, please contact our customer service with providing the following information:

1. Character name;
2. Server;
3. Recharge amount;
4. Recharge date and time;
5. Screenshot.

Note: you can look the payment history here.
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Igor #9693
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Hello i have problem!Customer service does nothing 5 days:( i pay 10usd leater 5 usd but no have golds bug acc meibi!1. Character name; RusTuareck
2. Server;Destiny
3. Recharge amount;10+5usd
4. Recharge date and time;27.09.2019 
5. Screenshot.
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Igor #9693
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I'll get help?wait 6 day :(nobody 
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