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In Eye of Discord you can use earned silver to awake ancient zodiac symbols and increase your power. When your character reaches a certain level, you can upgrade a new zodiac.

Click icon “Zodiac” in the bottom panel to learn and use this feature.
There are 10 zodiac symbols available:

  • Aries: level 10;
  • Taurus: level 90;
  • Gemini: level 100;
  • Cancer: level 110;
  • Leo: level 120;
  • Virgo: level 130;
  • Libra: level 145;
  • Scorpio: level 158;
  • Sagittarius: level 172;
  • Capricorn: level 187;
  • Aquarius: level 202;
  • Pisces: level 217.
Each zodiac symbol is divided to 12 nebula stars, and each nebula star is divided to 10 upgrading stars. You need to spend silver to activate the upgrading star and required amount is bigger each next time.

When all upgrade stars are activated, you light a nebula star. After all 12 nebula stars lighting, there is will be zodiac breakthrough and new character stats.

In the right corner of the window you can look how many star stats you have at current moment.
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