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Dear Wanderers!
We want to share some great news about the upcoming events and promotions that await you at Wandering Swordius.

  • Exclusive Events
  • New Promotions
  • Updated Shop

Thank you for your journey through the vastness of Wandering Swordius! Join us and show your excellence in martial arts with us!

Best regards,WS Team
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Season StoreShop – Limited Items

New Spring Offer Pack
Will be in stock:  07/11/2024
Time left: 1 day
Purchase Quantity: 1
Cost: Gold x666
Contains: Basic Cold Iron x120, B asic Engrave Jade x80, Engrave Marrow x30

Pet GiftWill be in stock:  07/11/2024
Time left: 6 day

Purchase Quantity: 3Cost: Bound Gold x98
Contains: Cultivation Pill x20, Dried Fish x1, Copper Coin x10k
Dried FishWill be in stock:  07/11/2024Time left: 6 day
Cost: Gold x100 Why it's needed? Use it in Pet House to get a rare item!
Cultivation Offer
Will be in stock:  07/13/2024
Time left: 1 day
Purchase Quantity: 10
Cost: Gold x280
Contains: Cultivation Pill x40, Dried Fish x1, Copper Coin x300k
Benefit Pack
Will be in stock:  07/15/2024
Time left: 1 day
Purchase Quantity: 5
Cost: Gold x388
Contains: Basic Dew Pellet x180, Pet Forget Manual x2, Copper Coin x50k
Special OfferCultivation Pill Pack
Will be in stock: 07/11/2024
Purchase Quantity: 1
Time left: 2 days
Cost: $2.99
Contains: Gold x180, Cultivation Pill x30, Revive Pill x3, Copper Coin x30k

Hero Material PackWill be in stock: 07/12/2024
Purchase Quantity: 1
Time left: 2 days
Cost: $2.99
Contains: Gold x180, Square Knot x30
Gear Engrave Pack
Will be in stock: 07/13/2024
Purchase Quantity: 1
Time left: 2 days
Cost: $11.99
Contains: Gold x680, Medium Engrave x25, Engrave Marrow x10
Pet Renew Pack

Will be in stock: 07/14/2024
Purchase Quantity: 1
Cost: $5.99
Contains: Gold x300, Medium Dew Pellet x10, Renew Pill x25
Sandalwood Offer I
Will be in stock: 07/15/2024
Purchase Quantity: 1
Time left: 2 days
Cost: $15.99
Contains: Gold x980, Patchwork Knot x15, Sandal x10
Hero Training PackWill be in stock: 07/16/2024
Purchase Quantity: 1
Time left: 2 days
Cost: $11.99
Contains: Gold x680, Patchwork Knot x30, Copper Coin x500k
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Pet House
Event time: July 11, 0:00 - July 17, 23:59

Event rules:
1. Purchase item “Dried Fish” in the Season Store.
2. Throw Dried Fish and get 1 of 9 rewards.
3. The items in the Pet Gift are all bound and not tradable.
4. At the end of the event, if there are still remaining dried fish, the system will automatically use them and send the obtained rewards to players via mail.

List of rewards:
· Sundown: 30D x1
· Hard Tendon Shard x1
· Fire Order Shard x1
· Medium Dew Pellet x25
· Lv.4 Jade Pack
· Fire Iron x10
· Universe Orb x2
· Sandal x1
· Cultivation Pill x10
5. By performing Throw a certain number of times, you can get an additional reward

Number of throwsRewards3Bound Gold x10010Lv.3 Choice Jade Pack20Fire Order Shard x1030Title: "The Unpredictable"50Fire Order Shard x10100Sundown: 7D x1150Fire Order Shard x10200Sandal x3250Fire Order Shard x10300Sundown: 30D x1350Cloud Fox: 30D x1  
Visit SeasonEvent time: July 11, 0:00 - July 17, 23:59

Event rules:
1. During the event, you will have a chance to obtain extra rare hero Feng Qingyang Part from Hero Visit.
2. Rare Feng Qingyang Part can be obtainable only during the event time.
3. This is the 3rd visit season.

Free Visit
Event time: July 11, 0:00 - July 13, 23:59

Event rules:
1. Buy first 20 Sandals, get full refund after event.

2. Refund only for Sandal bought at Seas.Store.
3. Refund given in Bound Gold.
4. Refund sent via mail after event ends.
Server Pack

Event time: July 12, 0:00 - July 14, 23:59

Event rules:
1. Every player on the server can join the collective purchase of packs and get the maximum benefit! The more people participate, the cheaper the price for everyone.
2. Those who have already managed to buy packs at a higher price, will get the difference back after the end of the event.

Evening GiftEvent time: July 12, 0:00 - July 17, 23:59

Event rules: You can get rewards every day from 19:00 to 22:00 every 5 minutes as long as you stay online!
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Summer Event

Login Gifts
Event time: July 11 – July 17

Event rules: Get in the game and get the bonus

DayRewards1Basic Dew Pellet x302Square Knot x153Bound Gold x2004Lv.4 Jade Pack x15Cultivation Pill x20 

Road of Grand HeroesEvent time: July 11 – July 17

Event rules:

1. Complete quests to obtain quest rewards.
2. Completing the quest can also earn points, and accumulate a certain number of points to claim a corresponding chest.
3. If you have completed a quest but forgot to claim the quest rewards, they will be reissued via mail after the event ends.
4. If you have activated a chest but forgot to claim it, it will be reissued via mail after the event ends.

QuestAttempts to executeClear Jianghu Story3/9/15Complete One-Day Tour2/5/10Successfully challenge the Gym10/20/30Complete Sect Cultivation20/40/60Complete Hero Visit10/20Complete Shadow Sect Bounty8/16Complete Tale of Heroes Challenge1/3/5Complete Jianghu Parkour1/3/5Complete Guild Serve Tea10/30/50Share1/3/5
List of rewards for points:

PointsRewards30Sandal x160Cultivation Pill x15100Bound Gold x200150Jade Elegy: 7D x1200Lv.4 Jade Pack x1 

Total Recharge GiftEvent time: July 11 – July 17

Event rules: Top up your account and get rewards!

RechargeRewards300 GoldCultivation Pill x50, Lv.3 Jade Pack Copper Coin x100k880 GoldBasic Cold Iron x300, Basic Dew Pellet x100, Copper Coin x200k1580 GoldPatchwork Knot x30, Revive Pill x20, Copper Coin x200k2380 Gold Title "Shock the Universe" x1, Cultivation Pill x80, Ren Yingying: Part x5, Copper Coin x300k3880 GoldFire Iron x60, Sulfur Runestone x20, Ren Yingying: Part x5, Copper Coin x300k6880 GoldGrowing Grass: Perm. x1, Basic Engrave Jade x100, Ren Yingying: Part x10, Copper Coin x500k10880 GoldLegendary Pet Knack Choice x1, Engrave Marrow x80, Ren Yingying: Part x10, Copper Coin x500k16880 GoldLv.6 Choice Jade Pack x1, Musician Soul x5, Ren Yingying: Part x15, Copper Coin x1000k26880 GoldGrowing Grass: Perm., Lv.6 Baryte, Ren Yingying: Part x15, Copper Coin x2000k42880 GoldFind Weakness x1, Soulforge Stone x50, Ren Yingying: Part x20, Copper Coin x3000k66800 GoldSplendour: Perm. x1, Artisan Jade x5, Ren Yingying: Part x20, Copper Coin x5000k
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