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Didn't get recharged topazes? Come here!

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Dear players! If you recharged topazes, but it haven't came during the some hours, please contact our customer service or write email to using the following template:

1. Your login (email):
2. Your nickname and server:
3. Recharge sum:
4. Recharge date and time:
5. Xsolla transaction number:
6. Recharge order screenshot (if you have):

Please pay attention to the following information:
1. If you haven't Xsolla transaction number or forget it, please contact Xsolla customer service and ask for it. Without this number we won't able to help you;
2. Please send us requests using the template above. The more accurate the information you provide to the customer service, the shorter time is necessary to resolve your issue.

Best regards,
League of Angels II Team