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Hero of Tempest Empire: Hela, the Reaper of Death

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Hela is daughter of king Freeman I, ruler of largest humans empire of that century who had great influence on the whole world. She began to learn the magic at 12 years old, when she was very young princess. Soon Hela became to strongest mage in Astral City. 

When she was 18 years old, there was a great tragedy. Dreaming to save humans and peace in all world, king Freeman I was flattered by the promised power and put on a Eternity Crown, an artefact from scary Hades. Soon after he was distraught and evil spirits filled his heart... The father which Hela and his brother Lucas were knew, died. His place occupied greedy and cruel people, soul of which was black like to tar. Freeman I began persecution to own nation, also having declared the war to elves and Palmer's kingdom. Hela understood that even her powerful magic can't rescue his father, leave the city and severed all communications with him.

Brother of Hela, Lucas, resolved to fearless put an end to the impending disaster. When king was ready to execute all captive elves and werewolfs, Lucas pierced own father with one of his swords, nailed him to the ground, and chopped off his head by second sword.

Having became a king, Lucas signed peace with other kingdoms. But after month since ascension to the throne he was overthrown by the rebels and assasinated. Since then he is Headless Horseman which doomed to wander around world until the Last Judgment.

Despite the fact that Hela left father's house, she was heartbroken when she heard about the death of her father and brother. Every day she lost her strength until she died. Hades asked that she become an archmage of the undeads. But Hela refused this share and preferred to transport souls to the Kingdom of the Deads, hoping once to meet his family among the other dead. In hell it is cold, but the Reaper of Death does not feel anything, except boundless melancholy.