About game

Eye of Discord is a magic world with detailed drawn landscapes, fraction wars, great PvP and exciting PvE. Two large kingdoms, Humans and Shadows, fighting during last thousand years, but still cannot defeat one another. Open a magic world for you, choose the character in light or dark fraction and lead your side to victory!

Game features

— Meet war of humans and shadows only here!

— Become a butcher or liberator! Kill more and more players or fight with monsters!

— Many ways to upgrade a hero are awaiting for you! Mounts, wings, skins, tomes, equipment and many other things will make you as supreme warlord!

— Explore the dungeons, find unique rewards and dominate your opponents;

— Just look at characters, effects and landscapes — it will charm you forever;

— Unrepeatble archetypes system with two fractions. Each of them have unique skills!